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Having trouble with your order?  We are here to help! Below are some helpful tips to help your Eateeze experience even EEZER. 


Check Out

Select Your Address

Our website acquires your general location automatically. This function may be blocked based on the privacy settings on your browser. When you check-out however, you’re still required to show the exact delivery location of your package.

To do this first select “Add New Address”. Then enter all your address details into the address card. To help us find your exact location, select the address pin in the field labelled “address”. A pop up box will open with a map, select and drag the address pin to your exact location. If your map does not open, delete the address in that field, and try selecting the address pin again. 

To complete your address, select save. To use this address as your delivery address, select “delivery here”.


How do I pay for my order? 

With eateeze paying your bill is easy with Kanoo. On the Kanoo app home screen, select “Pay Bill”. Search and select Eateeze from the vendor list. Enter your order number in the “Memo” section and enter your payment amount. 

For more detailed instructions please see the “Kanoo Pays” section of this help and support page. 


Kanoo Pays

Place your order and keep your information protected with Kanoo.  New to Kanoo? Check out the below links for help! 

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