What is Eateeze?

We are a  food delivery platform that makes getting food from your favorite grocery store or restaurants fast, easy and affordable. 


Why are grocery items listed without prices?

Items listed are subject to price fluctuation. Retailers base their pricing on the specific cost associated with the item listed. As such pricing is based primarily on the retailers discretion and is subject to change.

I have questions about my order or I need assistance with my order, how do I contact someone? 

You can ask questions or get support at any time by selecting the red and white chat window on the bottom right hand of your screen. You can also message us directly via facebook or instagram. 


How do I find out the prices of my grocery item, if the price is not listed? 

After you have placed your order, you will receive an email confirming that your order was received. As your order is being fulfilled you may be contacted by a store representative to update you about your order. Once all of your items are collected, you will receive an invoice with your final bill and payment instructions

I don’t see an item I wanted to order, what do I do? 

If you don’t see an item you’re looking for listed on this website don’t worry. You can type enter that item manually in the “Didn’t Find Something..” section at check out. 


Can I pay with cash?

For safety purposes, we only accept digital forms of payment. 


What COVID-19 protocols have been put in place to protect my order?

All of our staff,  especially  the ones that come in contact with your order, are provided with PPE and are required to wear them during their shift. We also encourage the frequent washing of hands and use of hand sanitizer. 


How long does delivery take? 

Delivery time varies depending on the food outlet.  Always check the delivery time on your order confirmation email. If it is later than the quoted delivery time, you can contact a customer service representative via our Facebook page or e-mail.


I am a restaurant owner, how do I get my restaurant on Eateeze? 

You can email us directly for more information and an application form at info.eateeze@gmail.com 


What are your hours of operation? 

Monday to Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm  


Do I have to create a profile to place an order? 

Yes, to help prevent fraudulent orders, we require all of our customers to create a profile. 


Is tip included in the delivery fee? 

The delivery cost does not include tips. 


I’m interested in becoming a Eateeze driver, what are the shifts? 

Eateeze is designed to work around your schedule, and once you’ve become a driver you get to choose when or if you decide to take a delivery. 

How do I become an Eateeze driver? 

If you’re interested in becoming a driver, you can send an email to info.eateeze@gmail.com with a copy of your resume. We will send you a driver information form as well a login and instructions on how to get started.